Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Liebster Award

Hi lovelies!

This is probably one of my favourite posts I've done, I've done this once before and I really enjoyed meeting new bloggers and reading their posts and i'm so happy I got nominated by the lovely Jennie! Thanks Jennie! (Check out her lovely blog here). For anyone that doesn't know what the Liebster award is, its an award that connects bloggers with 200 followers or less on their blog and gives them an opportunity to meet and chat to other bloggers!

                                          Check out my questions and nominations below,

What's the best thing you love about blogging?
I love everything about blogging from the shopping of the products to finally uploading, but the best thing would be for me is meeting new bloggers and sharing our ideas and generally chatting. I love finding new bloggers and ive made a lot of new friends through blogging!

What's your favourite type of blog to read?
That's a hard question, id have to say reviews on products. I like to hear what people have to say about different products and their opinions of them, it really helps me decide on whether ill buy them or not.

You are stranded on a dessert island and your only allowed to get on YouTube tutorials or blog posts... which do you choose?
This is a hard question aswell! I love watching YouTube videos but I think that im more connected in the blogger world and I think id definitely get more out of blogging :)

If you could use one or the other, which would it be out of eye shadow or lipstick?
Although I love eye shadow I would say lipstick, ive got a little obsession with lipstick and I think even on a bad day or when your not feeling to good a little bit of lipstick makes you feel a lot better!

Where is the place you would like to visit the most?
Id love to travel but I think at the minute it would either be New York or LA, id definitely love to visit New York for Christmas or a lovely winter holiday and LA for a lovely sunny girly holiday!

How do you get your motivation to blog?
I really get my motivation from reading other peoples posts and going on twitter! I think that when I see other amazing blog posts it really inspires me to read and write more posts!

If you could have any celebrity best friend in the whole world, who would it be?
This is an easy one! Kim Kardashian! Some people seem to have a problem with her but I totally love her! Her fashion and beauty is on point and shes just amazing! :P

Who are your favourite bloggers and why?
Oh ive got so many! Carli Bybel is always amazing and has some great makeup posts, I also love Tiffany D, shes so pretty and always doesn't always do fashion and beauty she also does interior which I love!

Boots or Superdrug?
Superdrug! Its like my second home. I really like Boots because you can buy things you wouldn't find in Superdrug but I get most of my things from there just because its cheaper and I prefer the reward system!

How much do you spend per month on blog related products?
This really depends on new products that are out in the month, for example I have spend more on January's products because I brought the naked 3 palette (view post here) and a new Maybelline foundation (click here to see post)

What was/ is your favourite subject at school and why?
Looking back I loved school but at the time I really hated it and couldn't wait to leave! My favourite subject at school was probably when I went to do my GCSE's I did a course along side them at school for fashion and textiles and I loved it, it made me realise that I wanted to carry on doing fashion!

            I hope you enjoyed my answers and here are my nominations and questions!


1) What is your must have beauty product?
2) Do you prefer fashion or makeup?
3) What's your favourite thing about blogging?
4) If you had to go without one product for a month what would it be?
5) Your favourite YouTube guru's?
6) What are your favourite hobbies?
7) What's your favourite makeup product?
8) Your favourite social media site and why?
9) What's your favourite fashion piece for winter?
10) What's your favourite TV show and why?

Nominated bloggers:

                        I cant wait to read everyone's answers! hope you all enjoy! :)

Monday, 10 February 2014

Makeup Haul Time!

I don't think I've actually ever posted a haul and its been a while since I've actually been makeup shopping and I forgot how much I enjoyed it! I went straight to boots and Superdrug to buy a load of goodies! I didn't go shopping or anything in particular so as I walked into the shop I didn't know what to buy first! I picked up so many different products I had to put a few down! By the time I got home I realised I didn't buy that much so I'm planning on going back so expect another haul sometime soon! :)

List of products:
1.) Collection shimmer shade in Blushalicious
2.) Maybelliene dream satin liquid in light porcelain
3.) Real Techniques Beauty Blender
4.) Kelly Brook Quad eye shadow
5.) Kelly Brook bronzer in Bardot
6.) 17 single shadow in Darkness
7.) MUA academy brow pencil in blonde/ Natural collection lip liner in Ruby Rose and Almond
8.) MUA academy matt lipsticks in Peachy Keen and Totally Nude, Satin lipstick in shade 3
9.) Natural collection water guard mascara in black

I've always been a really big makeup shopper so I thought Id take advantage of the opening times at my nearest Superdrug!

The first place I went to was NewLook just for a browse and I found the Kelly Brooke makeup range! I really like Kelly Brook anyway and I've seen her makeup range before but I've only every brought the bronzer so I thought I would buy the blusher to match! The blusher (Bardot) is a soft pink/peach and its great for me as a natural everyday look. I also brought the collection shimmer shade (Blushalicious) and I love it! The 4 different shades complement each other so well and give off a subtle glow.

I love buying and trying out different lipsticks so when I went to the MUA academy stand in superdrug I saw they were only £1 so I stocked up! I Love Love Love the new Matte finish lipsticks! The 'Totally nude' shade is my go to shade and I absolutely love it! I haven't tried the Shade 3 satin finish lipstick yet as I forgot I brought it but the others stay on for a few hours and I only had to reapply once or twice throughout the day! Love Them!
When I was shopping in new look, I saw this quad by Kelly Brook and  fell in love with the colours! The deep emerald shade is magic on the lid and the palette as a whole is to die for! the only disappointment with it, is that there is no matte shades, as much as I love a shimmer shadow I kind of wanted the lighter green to be matte to balance out the look but it still looks great on!

Ive been looking for a pigmented black eye shadow for so long now but the one I've found have been either not pigmented enough or they've come of looking chalky, so when I was in boots and came across this shadow I had to buy it! With a pencil brush it would look great for a really deep Smokey eye for a night time look! I cant wait to try it soon!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

REVIEW: Naked 3 Palette

I'm going to be honest, I've never brought anything from Urban Decay before, I've heard so many great things about how good the brand are and how the products are great and the pigmentation is amazing but I've always thought the price was too steep so I've never brought anything from there. But I was thinking recently after my trip to MAC, that ill happily pay £14 or a concealer or over £20 for a foundation but I wont buy anything from Urban Decay, I thought it was a bit silly so I popped into my local Debenhams and to the Concession stand and after playing around with most of the products (and the sales guy was drawing on my hand with every product going) I decided to treat myself with the Naked 3 palette.

 I knew I had to buy the Naked 3 even though I haven't got the other 2, the reviews from this one were amazing so why not! when I got home it was the first thing I opened and the packaging is so pretty I didn't want to open it! After staring at it for a few minutes I opened it to find the most amazing neutral and shimmery shades I've ever seen. The shimmer from them looked amazing and I knew they were going to be super pigmented. In the package you get a total of 12 shades starting from a shimmery highlighter to a dark, vampy purple. I was in love!

Overall I really love this palette. The pigmentation on all of the shadows are amazing and they really do last all day and don't move when your applying them!

(I will post a look using this palette sometime next week so keep a look out on by blog.)
Have you got any of the Naked Palettes, let me know your thoughts in the comments below I would love to hear them! xx